写真拡大 (全8枚)

テキスト系妄想メディア「ワラパッパ (WARAPAPPA )」より

A long, long time ago in a country far far east, their were professional warriors called Samurai or Bushi, who fought only with one single-edged sword in their hands. Their exalted spirit still runs deep in the land of history. Today, We proudly introduce to you a couple of those fearless warriors. This bitter battle broke out at Hutako-tamagawa, Tokyo on Mar. 30th this year. Instead of Katana, their choices of weapons were Nunchaku and Air Guitar.

What is Nunchaku
Nunchaku is a traditional Okinawan weapon consisting of two sticks connected at their ends with a short chain or rope.
Nunchaku - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

What is Air Guitar
Playing air guitar is a form of dance and movement in which the performer pretends to play rock or heavy metal-style electric guitar, including riffs, solos, etc.
Air guitar - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

(The guy standing in the middle is a referee)


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