お尻のシェイプアップで重要なのは、お料理と同じく、個人の能力よりも体系立った方法論。それを証明したのが、英国在住22歳のフィットネス・インスタグラマーであるエマ・オニールさん。コスモポリタン アメリカ版によると、彼女がぷりっとした美尻のレシピを公開したインスタグラム投稿が、最近注目の的に!

How to actually build a bum 101 🍑 Somehow I managed to go from a TEENY human to a less teeny human with a peachier peach in just over a yr. I will share with you my (not so) secrets: ➡️ AIR SQUATS WONT HELP YOU Seriously stop that strange fire hydrant thing ur doing in front of the mirror. Accept the fact that you're going to have to venture into the weight section and LIFT HEAVY (heavy for you, you don't have to be squatting 70kg straight away). 🤙🏼 You will have to learn how to pick up a barbell, how to squat, deadlift and hip thrust. Compound movements are going to be your best friend. It's not as scary as it sounds tho 🤗 Best booty exercises: Barbell hip thrusts, glute bridges, deadlifts, lunges, leg press 🏋🏼‍♀️ ➡️ Isolation (lighter) exercises are fabulous and should have a place in your training, but they *shouldn't* always take up the maj of your gym sessions. Aka things like kickbacks, donkey kicks, high rep squats can be rlly good supersets or finishers but they're not where the money's at ma frands 🤑 ➡️ You need to put lots of tension on your muscles & make them WORK HARD. Make your muscle realise that it needs to stop being a lil bitch and grow back BIGGER & stronger. This is why heavy weights will be your best friend (and worst enemy) 🤷🏻‍♀️ ➡️ Eat some damn foooood girl!! You will make minimal (if any) progress on operation POPPIN BOOTY if you're severely restricting your calories / eating lettuce leaves for the majority of your meals. Muscle growth requires FOOD 🍑 Carbs are important, don't neglect them. Also ensure you're getting in enough protein (0.8-1g per pound of body weight is the recommendation), as protein aids muscle growth. Try and get a lil in every meal you have. Even as a vegan/vegetarian! There are heaps of fabulous protein sources 😊 . Also be patient! Unfortunately (yes I'm sad too) your body won't change in a few weeks. Stay consistent and in a few months you'll be well on your way to having a perkier and stronger derrière. . 🍑*EDIT* I've expanded on this post and written a Q+A on my blog, find it on my Insta story!* 🍑🙋🏻 . Ps this was 2015 ➡️ 2017 💕 #transformationtuesday

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前のお尻(左の写真)と今のお尻(右の写真)を並べて載せたこの投稿には、なんと一夜にして23,000件もの「いいね」が! 今までの投稿の中で一番の反響だったそう。投稿でまとめられているのは、いかにして1年強で、ペタンコ尻をむっちりしたセクシーなお尻に改造したか。そしてブログでは、その方法をさらに詳しく掲載しているエマさん。




FULL LEG & GLUTE WORKOUT 🍑✨ I realised I usually only show you snippets of my leg days so here's a fully funky workout me and @livjadefit did today at @ironworksbirmingham 😎 Most of the exercises are videoed but some aren't so here's the whole workout written out (ps vid is sped up x2⏩): ➖Banded glute activation and stretching ✖️ Leg press warm up (50kg for 15) ✖️ Leg press (110kg for 8-10) x 3 ➖Lying hamstring curl (12 reps x2) ✖️Barbell hip thrusts (1 warm up set) 70kg for 12 (x3) with 8 second hold on last rep ➖ Superset 1: Romanian Deadlifts (SLOW reps - vid is sped up) 40kg for 8. When you bring the bar back up don't fully extend so your muscles remain under tension ✌🏻 it burns S/S with 15 banded glute bridges (squeeze bum at top ✖️Superset 2: Single leg press (8-10 reps per leg) S/S with banded glute kickbacks (20 per leg) 🔥🔥🔥🔥

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Sweaty saturday sessions 🍑 bit of a booty workout today fuelled by my fave @womensbest bcaa's to help with recovery 😌 . 1️⃣ Glute bridges: 4 sets: 80kg for 12 reps followed by a 10 second hold on last rep 2️⃣ Side cable kicks: (ft my sweaty bum go hard or go home bye). I do 7kg for 10 reps per side, they help develop the outer/side or ur glutes 3️⃣ Single leg leg press: 4 sets: (can face forward or turn to side) 30kg for 8 reps, go as low as you can 😊 4️⃣ Dumbbell deadlifts (my fave): 18kg's for 10 reps, keep your back straight and squeeze 🍑 at the top 5️⃣ Single leg db deadlifts: 8kg's for 10 reps per leg, balance one foot behind and focus on using active leg to bring the weight up. You should feel it in your hammies too 6️⃣ Goblet squats (sped up): I do these as a superset (straight after another exercise) for as many reps as possible (AMRAP) to burn out 🔥🔥🔥 Wearing @live.uk and @womensbest. Ty @samuelhodnett for being my videographer hehe

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Neither one of these bodies is better than the other. I'm not here to tell you that you should have to look a certain way in order to be healthy or happy. I am here however, to tell you that exercising and eating well should be something you ENJOY. Genuinely. Exercising to punish yourself, burning calories to get "skinny", severely restricting ur meals, and saying no to the food you love all the time really isn't how you should be living your life. You should be following a healthier lifestyle for more than just aesthetics (although physical goals are completely normal + fine!), or it'll just make you miserable, trust me 🤗. . The pic on the left is from 2015, I was borderline obsessed with tryna get skinny. Funny thing is, I hated my body the most during this period. I thought I looked "fluffy" (seriously wtf even is fluffy) and wanted abs so bad❓❓eh❔. The photo on the right is me today. I fell in love with my style of training (weightlifting) and eat lotttsa food to fuel my body 🍠. I weigh approx 1 stone (10lbs?) heavier now. I eat bread/pasta/pizza/chocolate/rice blaaaablaaablaaa 🍕🍕🍕 I'm hella stronger and hella happier 😊 . Fitness genuinely GENUINELYYY should be more than just about how u look friends. Cliché for a reason 🙌🏼 Happy Friday xx

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エマさんによれば、「とにかく食べて!! 食事の大半がレタスみたいな極端なカロリー制限をすれば、むっちりしたお尻への道はかなり厳しい(むしろ無理かも)。筋肉を鍛えるには食べ物が必要」。1日1,300キロカロリーに制限していた左の写真と、1日2,200キロカロリー以上食べている右の写真を並べ、次のように投稿。

「この2つの体型のどっちが理想とは言い切れない。私は、健康かつハッピーでいるために見た目がどうあるべきかを皆に伝えたいわけではないの。ただ、適度な運動と食事を楽しむべきだと伝えたい。[中略]左の写真は2015年のもの。当時、痩せることに本当に必死だった。でも不思議なことに、この時期が一番自分の体が嫌いだった。これでもぽっちゃりしていると思ったし(今思えば信じられない!)、腹筋が切実に欲しかった。え? って感じよね。右が今の私。新しいトレーニングのスタイル(ウェイトリフティング)を気に入っているし、力を蓄えるためにバクバク食べてる。[中略]今の方が体は強いし、何倍もハッピー。フィットネスは見た目だけの問題じゃないと心底思うわ」






Translation: Takako Fukasawa(Office Miyazaki Inc.)