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(C)2009-2011 5pb.Inc./Nitroplus

“STEINS;GATE” for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad appears!The very popular game “STEINS;GATE” released by 5pb. will be released as an application for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad in this summer.

This is the second work of the Hypothetical Science Adventure series by collaboration of 5pb. and Nitroplus. Same as Xbox360 version, the words are full voice. An individual route of each heroine branches off various conclusions while stories woven by real and SF in Akihabara are developing.

StoryOkabe Rintaro -nickname is Okarin- is a university student still sick with junior-high school-student-like self-consciousness. He claims to be a “mad scientist Hououin Kyouma” and keeps making strange inventions in the circle “Future Gadget Lab.” only three members belong to.

However, one day they happened to produce “Time Machine”, an invention to send email to the past.

FeatureIntuitive control with touch panel enables to play comfortably.

Phone trigger system optimized for iOS is equipped! While playing, the way players handle their phone causes unexpected development of the story.

Total play time is fully over 30 hours.

Additional effect pack released as DLC for Xbox360 is available.

Item DetailsTitle: STEINS;GATE
Console: iPhone/iPod touch
*After iOS 4.2
*After iPhone3GS, after iPod touch3G (released in 2009 September, over 32GB)
Release: 2011 summer (tentative)
Price: Undecided

Translation: Sato Narumi


Original article (Japanese): Daily Terrafor

STEINS;GATE for iPhone special site

5pb.: STEINS;GATE for iPhone production introduction

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