なんでもない日が一番しあわせ。Happiness is Everyday


My morning starts by waking up with M.

I hear a soothing melody. On good days, M will react to that sound and say "Good morning, Leo". I respond, "Meow" and lift my rested body from the basket. I take a long stretch, walk to M's futon, and she pats me on the head.

On bad days, like when it's raining or when she's tired, M doesn't wake up easily. She'll roll around and groan, "Nnnnnnnn~~". The melody rings again, but she still won't wake up. I try hitting her face with my paw. I would hear another "Nnnnnnn....", but her eyes remain closed. Then I try scrambling her hair but nope - doesn't work. So I go to my last resort. I get my claws out. I aim at her nose, and pull her nostril with one claw. "Aaaggghhhh!!!" says M, and she finally gets up. Mission accomplished.

M opens the curtains so we can feel the sunshine. A lot of light comes in, and I squint my eyes because of the brightness. M tries to put the futon away, but I stay seated on it. She says, "Leo, please", but I'm determined not to move until M brings over the wavy toy thing. As soon as she starts swinging it, I run, chase, and jump.

After I let M put away the futon, she puts her hands and feet on the floor and starts stretching her body. She breathes in and out heavily, and it looks very soothing. When I lie down on the floor with her, her face brightens up and she tells me, "Leo, today's going to be another good day".

I treasure each morning that starts like this.

When I finish eating my breakfast, it's time to go and patrol the apartment. Seeing that it's all clear, I go and sit in one of my baskets. Lately my favorite is the one on M's desk. She always tells me, "Leo this doesn't fit you", but I love it because I get to squeeze my body into it. As M types facing a big screen, I fall sleep next to her so I can be with her.

I sleep, and sleep. I often have dreams. About drinking clear water. About my mother grooming my fur. About the girl I met before M rescued me. About eating all the bonito I want.

When M goes out, I'm responsible to look after the house, so I guard it with my entire body. M feels safe leaving the house, because I'm home.

And when the sun sets, I hear M's footsteps. I dash to the entrance, and greet her right in front the door. M joyously says, "I'm home~!" so I get excited too, and follow her around, meowing.

Every day, M fills hot water in a huge square thing that's in a room with a door. She doesn't come out for a while, so I get worried and wait for her on the towel on the floor. I sometimes knock on the door, worried that something may be wrong and ask "Meow", but she just says, "I'm okay Leo". What the hell is she doing in that tiny room that I can't go into?

Nighttime is my favorite time of the day. M sits on the sofa, so I join her and sit right next to her. Whenever she rubs my fluffy tummy, it feels so nice that I close my eyes.

At the end of the day, M takes out the futon as usual. When I see this I go and scratch my claws, so I can get ready to chase the toy again. I love the thick, feather duvet - so when M swings the toy on there, I dive right in and go catch it. I sometimes do flips. When I catch the toy, M compliments me, so I feel proud.

Then, M turns off the light. I fall into a deep sleep, too. I always look forward to waking up the next day, when I fall sleep.

A day begins, and a day ends. And it feels so lovely, everyday.

That I can absorb the gentle rays of the sun. That I can eat when I want to eat. That I can run around as much as I like. That there's a place I can sleep in peace. That I can spend time with someone I love. That I can sense when M looks a little sad, or looks super happy. That I can sniff the scent of the rain, outside the window.

It's nothing dramatic. But each day that I spend like this, becomes a story that I cherish.

I think you have meowments like these, too. Sleeping tight at night. Eating delicious food. Having family and friends you love. And having someone who loves you dearly.

They're all part of your precious story. And because of the little meowments everyday, your heart is moved when something dramatic occurs.

Another day is about to begin.

Just look around - something fun is happening right in front of you.







朝ごはんをすませると、ぼくは家の縄張りチェックをする。家のなかになにも異常がないことがわかると、大好きなかごに入って、眠る。最近いちばん好きな場所は Mの机の上のかごだ。「ねえ、それサイズ合ってないよ」とMには言われるけど、ぼくは体をもぎゅっ、と押し込めるのでとても気に入っている。そしてMがカチャカチャと大きな画面に向かって何かを打っている間、横にいてあげられるので、安心して眠ることができる。ただひたすら、眠る。
















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