トーキョーに住む猫の話。Cat and the City


Hi, I'm Leo. I'm a cat.

I live in Tokyo with a thirty something woman named M. Her friends seem to think I'm pretty cute. I have no idea since I don't really compare myself with others.

I think, eat, play, and sleep for a living. Once in a while M lets me get high on catnip, but she only lets me do that if I annoy the heck out of her and she needs to shut me up.

I came to this house about forty cat years ago - that's like seven years ago in human time? Yes, 2009. M found me on a street. I was wandering around the hood for a long time, but I couldn't walk anymore because I was so hungry.

M and her neighbors found me and started screaming, "Look at this cat!" and gave me potato chips. I chowed it down, growling like a lion. I was pretty friendly (and not to mention my looks), so she seemed to like me.

She then wrapped me in a laundry net and took me into her apartment. I got a nice, clean shower, and this time some real cat food. My skin and my bones absorbed it all - ah, the nutrients, the warmth, and the fluffiness of a blanket. That night I was finally able to sleep, like a normal cat.

And that's how I decided to live here.

For the next few weeks, I ate all the food my body could possibly eat.

Fast forward seven years later, now M gives me diet food.

Apparently I'm "overweight". According to whose standards? I just have thick fur.

I have tried telling her - please, let me eat what I want. You only live once. Well, yeah I have eight more chances. But I'm pretty happy with this life of mine now, and want to make the best out of it.

Carpe Diem. Don't focus on your past or future. Look at what's right in front of you.

Seize the f*cking day.

I haven't told M where I was before I met her. She doesn't know how old I really am, or where my biological family is. Some things are probably best left unsaid.

M is the only family I have now.

Yes, so a little bit about this column.

Humans are weird.

I also find the Japanese language and culture to be weird at times.

So this column is my commeowtary on humans.

I'll be telling you how cats look at life, from a cat's point of view. I'll be giving out some hints that might help to make your life a little less stressful. I can also answer your questions and give you some personal advice, but that will require some extra catnip in advance.

So, thanks for being a reader of this column.

I have no idea why this column is going to be called "Cat and the City", but if hey that's going to get you to read it, I'll just say Ameow to that.










ニャン生は一回きりなんだから好きなものを食べさせてよ、と何度もMに応じてみた。まぁ、ぼくはあと8回生まれ変わるチャンスがあるとしても、このニャン生を、1日を1日を、大事に生きたい。ぼくのモットーは「carpe diem」。過去や未来なんかどうでもいい。その日をつかみたい。

ぼくが以前どこにいたかは、 Mには伝えてない。ぼくが本当は何歳なのかとか、家族がどこにいるかも、Mは知らない。すべてを伝える必要はないと思ってる。